Lord John Kerr, architect of the Withdrawal Bill, has said that Article 50 can in fact be revoked. The EU (Withdrawal) Bill is now being debated by MPs for the first time – and the fight is on.

The Bill is a mess: it is flawed, it strips Parliament of its powers, and it’s premature. It tries to set the terms for our withdrawal from the EU before we have any idea what the final deal will look like. Over 400 amendments have already been put down. Many of them are important.

But there’s one that will make sure Parliament isn’t flattened by the Brexit runaway train: amendment 7 to clause 9 to secure a meaningful vote on the final deal.

Amendment 7 will give Parliament the power to approve the final terms of withdrawal of the UK from the EU through an Act of Parliament. View the bill and all tabled amendments.

Tell your MP to support Amendment 7 to give Parliament a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal